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Bert Dohmen

Bert Dohmen
Dohmen Capital Research Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 49-2433, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Dohmen Capital Research Institute Inc. was founded in 1977 by Bert Dohmen as an economic and investment research firm. Over the past two decades, the firmís services have achieved the highest acclaim. They are the most highly respected and sought-after advisory services for investors world-wide.The firm currently offers 10 services. These include a long-term advisory service for the mutual fund investor, which helps investors avoid the need for a money manager or financial planner. There are also fax and e-mail services for short term traders in stocks, options and short sales.

Bert Dohmenís WELLINGTON LETTER, has achieved numerous awards of distinction, and is read by serious investors, investment professionals and corporate CEOís worldwide.

Bert Dohmen is a professional investor with 38 years of experience in the markets. The observations and important clues he obtains in trading his own portfolios in a wide variety of investment vehicles is of great benefit to all of his clients. He is a trader, not just a writer.

He is a sought after commentator for the major financial media, and has appeared as a special guest on Louis Rukeyserís WALLSTREET WEEK, CNNís MONEYLINE, CNBC FINANCIAL NEWS NETWORK. His views are featured in BARRONíS, BUSINESS WEEK, INVESTORíS BUSINESS DAILY, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, etc. He is a favorite speaker at the nationsí largest investment conferences.

When it comes to accurate forecasts on the stock market, mutual funds, specific mutual funds sectors, short-selling of stocks and options, subscribers to the companyís services say itís difficult to find anyone better.

When investing your savings and wealth, would you rather follow the advice of a writer or someone who actually has been trading the markets for 38 years? Your money deserves the best analysis and most experience possible. We guarantee that you will find Bert Dohmenís comments original, thought provoking, and very profitable over the long run.

For the analysis, views and recommendations of a pro, you too will be served well with the services of Dohmen Capital Research.