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About Consensus, Inc.

Consensus Inc. was founded in 1971 when it launched the National Futures and Financial Weekly newspaper. Consensus has provided some of the most current and respected market research and analysis in the stock and futures marketplace for over 40 years. Consensus currently publishes CONSENSUS ONLINE and THE BULLISH SENTIMENT INDEX with HISTORICAL DATA (started in 1983) via electronic transmission.


Consensus publishes current and in-depth market analysis including daily, weekly and monthly market letters and special research reports providing both fundamental and technical advice from top national and international sources, including major stock and commodity firms, independent advisory services and government agencies. Consensus covers all stock and financial markets, metals, agriculture markets, livestock, currencies, petroleum, food and fiber, grains and oilseeds, and more! Includes Consensus Bullish Sentiment Index, Commitment of Traders, Daily Price Charts, and Economic Reports. You will find the consolidated work from a large number of highly recognized analysts. CONSENSUS offers premium market research to help you with your market analysis and trading decisions.